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Benefits of Adding Landscape Lighting to Your Yard

Achieving a perfectly landscaped outdoor space in Florida usually means you get to enjoy it all year round. A well-designed garden takes all the seasons into consideration and provides accordingly. For example, evergreen shrubs provide color in winter and hardscaping, such as firepits and sheltered areas, so you can be outside in the cold weather.

Being able to enjoy your outdoor space year-round gives you great value from your landscaping, but what about at night? We tend to only think about using our gardens during daylight hours, but gardens can actually be just as stunning at night.

The secret is having thoughtful landscape lighting design to enhance the aesthetic of the garden and provide safe use of the space when it’s dark. Here’s what it’s all about:

Landscape Lighting

  • Trees
  • Walkways
  • Gardens

Landscape Lighting from Palm Brothers

Our experienced Panama City landscape lighting team can install a lighting system that showcases your beautiful outdoor space. You’ve likely seen stately mansions in person or on TV where the manicured gardens have a stunning soft glow about them, and the trees have uplights that show off the foliage while illuminating the area.

Other examples include thoughtfully placed lights that illuminate pathways and make it safe for people to explore the outdoor area when it’s dark. Atmospheric lights can also illuminate the seating and dining areas of the patio.

Landscape Lighting Design

The service of providing landscape lighting for our customers, includes working with you to determine what type of lighting you want and the impact you wish to achieve. We use a low-voltage system because it is easy to install, and it’s cheaper and safer to run than other systems.

Our lighting designs are incredibly versatile and can conjure up almost any effect you want, including soft moonlit style glows, warm, gentle washes, multi-coloured ethereal lights, and magical star canopies. Our lighting transforms landscapes.

How Does Outdoor Lighting Work?

The landscape lighting system draws power from your main supply. It consists of a transformer to safely reduce the volts and a strong, waterproof cable running to the lighting’s lead wires. Fixtures attach the bulbs, which create an up or downlight depending on where they are placed. Some fixtures have stakes to allow them to be mounted on the ground. Others have brackets so they can be fixed to walls or other solid objects.

The bulbs are available in a variety of different brightness and color options. You can even have color-changing bulbs with adjustable brightness so you can suit the lighting to any mood you wish.

The Different Types of Light

There are many types of landscaping lights and each type of light creates a different effect. Here are just a few:

  • Wash lights: These create a diffused, soft light that works well for flat surfaces like walls or patios.
  • Well light: This waterproof light sits at ground level and beams the light upward and outwards. Good for shining on walls and facades
  • Floodlight: A large, bright beam for lighting big areas. Typically used for security or to highlight large objects.
  • Downlight: Similar to the well light but in the opposite direction. This is fixed onto walls or trees and provides a downward-facing pool of light.

    Typical Lighting Arrangements

    If you are planning to highlight your garden or patio with lighting at your Panama City home, then some popular configurations are as follows:

    • Trees: Ground lights that are aimed upwards into the foliage work best. Alternatively, downlights directed onto the canopy also look effective.
    • Flower beds: Canopy lights are used to create pools of light that send the eye from plant to plant to look really appealing. If you light the entire bed, it can look flat and washed out.
    • Garden walls: Well, lights, uplights, or washed light looks really good. It gives the wall that soft glow without it being obvious where the light source comes from.
    • Home facade: A wash light or bullet lights that have been aimed to pick out the details of your home look best.
    • Features: If you have ornaments, sculptures, or water features in your garden, a floodlight or bullet lighting setup allows you to highlight them. Larger features benefit from a wash light.
    • Social areas: Soft wash lights at floor level work well. Overhead lanterns or fairy lights can really enhance the area.
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    Landscape Lighting

    When to Choose Landscape Lighting

    If you’re having your garden, patio, or outdoor space redesigned, it is a good idea to factor in your landscape lighting at the same time. This way, the lighting can be incorporated into the project, and everything is finished at the same time.

    If you’re thinking about installing a landscape lighting system into an existing garden, then it’s always a good idea to consult someone experienced in landscape lighting first. We can come and look at the areas you want to be illuminated and make recommendations on the best types of lights to use.

    We’ll help you draw up a plan for a lighting system that achieves the desired effects while keeping it as energy-efficient as possible.

    If you’re considering landscape lighting or would like to understand more about it, please contact our Panama City landscape lighting team at Palm Brothers to discuss lighting your needs. Your outdoor space is your pride and joy, so why limit its use to the daylight hours? With landscape lighting, you can benefit from your garden 24/7.

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